Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's CCCOOOOLD Outside and Training Woes

I don't know where you are all reading this from, but up here in Canada, it's cold.  Very cold, and it doesn't show any signs of warming up.   I am not a winter lover.  In fact, if given a choice, I'd hibernate and wake up when spring arrives.   I should be out running and training for my 5k race this spring, but it's too darn cold and icy to run out on the country roads where I live, so I am stuck with the treadmill.  I think I have mentioned before that I don't like the treadmill - I hate running on it.  A mile on the treadmill seems like torture, but a mile run out in nature seems like heaven.

This was one of the few nicer days this winter when I was able to get out for a nice run with Lola.  Lola misses her runs, but when it is this cold, she doesn't want to be out longer than is needed either.

I will get my training in - I just have to push myself harder than if it was nice outside.  Plus, it's only 57 days until spring!!  (Gotta look on the bright side).