Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Can Almost Smell Spring

This has been such a long winter, I can't wait for spring.  The whole idea of no winter boots, no big heavy just sounds heavenly.   Tomorrow is officially the first day of spring, but I don't think Mother Nature is going to cooperate because snow is in the forecast.  Monday and Tuesday of this week were above freezing (it was below if you counted in the windchill) and sunny, so Lola and I went out for runs/walks each day after I got home from work.

Lola and I out for a run with my new Garmin I recently won.

The sideroads and trails are still muddy, but at least most of the snow and ice is gone so I can feel more secure running and not worrying about slipping and falling.

As you might remember, I have my first race of the year at the end of April, so I need to get some more outdoor training in.  Let's hope that Mother Nature remembers that spring "officially" starts tomorrow, and she should start warming up the temperatures.  This winter was long, snowy and very cold - I think we are due for some nice weather.  

Here's to spring!!

Lola giving me a thank you kiss for the run

Loving the sunshine!!