Monday, March 31, 2014

My Happy Monday Link Up

Sarah from My Mostly Healthy Life has a wonderful idea for a Monday blog linkup to help us enjoy our Mondays more.  Sarah wrote in her blog today, "So basically my goal with this new weekly posting theme is to try and bring some fun and happiness into Monday, which I know a lot of people don't enjoy."   It's true, I really really don't like Mondays.  It means back to work, getting up earlier, you know - Mondays :/    

So thanks to Sarah's idea, I'm going to post a blog about "My Happy Monday" and link it up with other bloggers.

What was the first thing that made me smile this Monday?  One of my Pugs, Lily, is truly a morning person.  She greets you with a doggy smile and bounces all around the house, so happy to greet the family in the morning.

This Monday is supposed to be the nicest day this week, it is forecasted to be +11 C today.  :)  As soon as I am done work today, I will be taking my other Pug, Lola, out for a run to enjoy the mild temperatures.  We went for a run yesterday, but it wasn't that warm and the wind was cold.  So I guess I have been looking forward to Monday because it will be the warmest day this week!!  Yay!!

What did you do to enjoy your Monday today? 

Lola & I during our run yesterday

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  1. I love your little pugs! Those pics made my Monday happier!

  2. Fun Monday post Lori...I enjoyed linking up also :)

  3. Oh my gosh!! Your pugs are SO adorable!!! today was the first nice day we had here in awhile too! I tried to get in as much sunshine as possible!!