Monday, April 7, 2014


It was a beautiful weekend, it almost felt like spring!  Lola and I were excited to get out for a nice run to enjoy the weather.  It was beautiful, and I didn't even need a coat!  


Lola & I stop for a selfie
After my run, I was feeling great, and signed up for a race next weekend, and planned my training runs.  By doing this, I must have jinxed myself.   I was stupid, careless, klutzy, whatever you want to call it, but I fell down the stairs later that evening.  I'm lucky that I'm not seriously injured, but I am very sore and may only be walking my race now. :/   When I fell, I "slid" down the stairs with my left leg behind and under me, so from my knee right to my toes is pretty banged up, and I can't bend my toes.  Fiddlesticks!!  (Yeah, for those that know me I may have used more colourful language).

So for now, I'll use the stationary bike for cardio, and do some upper body strength training and hope my leg heals in time for me to run at least part of the race on the weekend.

Have you done something stupid before a race?