Thursday, May 15, 2014

I'm a Strong Figure Ambassador & I Love My Flipbelt

I'm a Strong Figure Ambassador!!
I am sooooo excited!!  I applied to become a Strong Figure Ambassador, and just got word this morning that I have been accepted!  Yay!
On Strong Figure's website, they describe their ambassadors as: "Strong Figure’s Ambassador Program is made up of messengers and/or representatives of our brand. We want the BEST, FITTEST, STRONGEST, HEALTHIEST people we know to help support, promote, and be a part of STRONG FIGURE."

I am still working my way towards being fitter and stronger, my journey is no where near finished, but I hope that I can be an inspiration for others to take that step towards their own fitness goals.  Fitness is for EVERYONE!! 

I have been looking for a different way to carry my phone, keys, ID, etc when I run and especially when I do races.  My arm band is a bit annoying, so I have been looking for a waistbelt-type that is comfortable and not bulky (no old-time fanny packs - lol).
I came across the FlipBelt and thought it would solve my problems, so I ordered one.  

My new FlipBelt

They come in cute colours, and they have  neat little openings in it to fit your phone, keys, etc.  Once you have your items in the FlipBelt, you just flip the belt over so the openings are against your body and they are "locked"in.  It's really cool! The only problem I have is that if you don't want your items to come contact with moisture (ie sweat), you have to put them in a waterproof bag.  Other than that, it's great and it is so much easier to run with than my arm band that bounced all over the place.

Cool little hidden pockets for phone, keys, etc.

My iPhone fits so well

My phone in the Flipbelt