Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MEC 6K Trail Race

This past Mother's Day, my youngest daughter and I ran our first trail race and our first race over 5k. 
What a great way I spend Mother's Day, up early and exercising :)  Not everyone's idea of the ideal way to spend the holiday, but I think it is! 

I love to run on the trails around my home, and the rougher, the better!!  So, I was psyched for this race. It was at a local conservation area and by a river and a lake, and the scenery was beautiful. 

Unfortunately, a lot of the "trail" was grass and gravel road running which wasn't what I was hoping. I actually hate running on grass, and especially when the grass is wet. Ugh. There was only a small section that was what I consider a trail.  
All in all, it was a good race, just not what I was hoping.  The distance wasn't a problem, and I am hoping that eventually I can do a 10k. 

I don't think I will do another trail race here again, but then you never know, I might change my mind again. :)

     The start/finish line of the race 
My daughter and I at the lake after the race

It is beautiful there, a nice Mother's Day morning 
My Mother's Day breakfast. They had a flower for all of the moms who ran that day.