Friday, June 6, 2014

Inspiration - Momentum Jewelry Review & Giveaway

Don't you just love jewelry that is made with athletes in mind?  I know I sure do, so when I was sent a Foot Note and a Motivate Wrap from Momentum to review, I was very excited.  The hard part was choosing which sayings to get on my Motivate Wrap and on my Foot Note.

I chose "LIVE fearlessly" for my Motivate Wrap because I am often afraid to try new things, and I think seeing this on my wrist will be a great reminder to just take the chance and not to be so fearful.

The wraps are soft, comfortable, and don't move when you are working out.  The perfect accessory for someone with an active lifestyle.  I love to wear bracelets, but they are impossible to leave on when I do my workouts, but the Motivate Wrap is perfect, I don't have to take it off.   
I am tempted to get a couple more with different sayings, and they come in a variety of colours so I can colour coordinate :) 

For my Foot Note, I chose "1 more MILE".  I LOVE it!!  Often I really have to talk myself into going out for a run, but once I am out there, I don't want to stop and just want to go "one more mile".  It reminds me that I do enjoy running, and just need to take the first step and get out there and RUN!!

Out on the trail with my Foot Note

Momentum doesn't just have Motivate Wraps and Foot Notes, they also have inspirational headbands, necklaces,  suede cuffs & more - just too much cute stuff!!   I'm sure once you start looking around on the website, you'll see so many nice things you'll want.  Here is your chance to win a Motivate Wrap with the saying of your choice.  Contest starts on June 6th and ends on June 14th.

I was provided a free Motivate Wrap and Foot Note from Momentum in exchange for a review.  I was not monetarily compensated nor required to provide a positive feedback.  The opinions expressed in this post are completely my own.  The prize will be awarded by Momentum 


  1. I think I can't decide! I really like running in necklaces, so Id probably pick a necklace.

  2. I would pick a necklace with a running girl on it

  3. I would love a shoe charm like yours "One more mile." Its my blog/Facebook/twitter name. It is also one of my mantras.

  4. I'd get the oval motivate wrap with the saying "RUN and be happy". :)