Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Help, I've Created A Monster!

When I started taking one of my dogs on a walk, I figured it was a good thing and that I had a companion and the dogs were getting extra exercise.  Lola, one of my Pugs, was very happy to go for a walk and would get excited when I asked if she wanted to go for a walk.  Lola never asked to go on walks, but was happy to go when we asked her if she wanted to go.  But, Lola is due to have her babies any day and I can't take her any more, I guess she is on maternity leave.  I am out of a walking/running partner.


So, I figured my next choice would be Lola's mother, Rosie.  Rosie likes walks as much as Lola, but doesn't just walk, she bounces all over the place sniffing this and wanting to chase that. Not as easy to walk or run with as Lola but, I wanted someone to go with me, so I hoped she'd settle down once she got used to our daily excursions.

 Rosie is game for 2 to 3 mile walks and loves it the longer we go.  She even did a 5 mile virtual run with me this past weekend and had a blast.  I have signed up for another virtual run this coming weekend, so Rosie will be happy with me.

She is starting to settle down, behave and walk like a good dog should.  My only problem is that I think I have created a walking monster!  She goes to where we keep the leashes and cries and whines and comes running back to me; Rosie is asking to go for a walk.  She'll ask to go any time of the day or night - whenever she thinks of going for a walk (or God forbid, someone mentions the work walk - she can spell it too), she races off to find the leashes and expects to go.

I am glad to have an eager walking/running partner, but she has more energy and endurance than I do.  The good thing is that she does keep me going for my daily walks, I just wish she wouldn't ask to go so many times during the day!  :) 
 My husband finds it funny to ask Rosie if she wants to go for a walk, so I ask Rosie if she wants to go for a car ride.  My husband is the only one who takes her for a car ride, and she loves car rides 100x more than walks!  She might pester me for a walk, but she pesters my hubby for the car ride!

I do love my new (and retired) walking/running partners!

The only thing Rosie loves more than a walk, is a CAR RIDE!!!  :)  She is  definitely smiling here!