Thursday, September 13, 2012

Motivation & Link to A Giveaway

Motivation is something I struggle with daily.  I have the greatest intentions with exercise, diet and other areas of my life, but sometimes I just lack the motivation once the newness of whatever it is declines.  Or it can just be a little setback that will make me say "forget it!".  I know I shouldnt be like that, but that is just how I am I guess, and I have to work hard to maintain my motivation.

Does anyone else have trouble with motivation?

I find that being accountable to someone, or a competition/contest can help keep me motivated.  I didn't realise how competetive I was until I entered a contest on Fitocracy - I just HAD to workout every day to get the points, so I could be at the top of the list. I finished 3rd and won a prize, but I found near the end, that it wasn't the prize that I wanted, I just wanted to not be beat by others!  Whatever the reason, it kept me working out when I would have otherwise said "forget it" and given up on exercise.

Giveaway Link

Everyone loves a giveaway, and this one is for a SPIbelt!!  Awesome!  Make sure to enter for your chance to win.
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