Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trying to get my cardio groove

I have been concentrating on my strength training lately, and kind of ignoring my cardio.  I know cardio is good for me and necessary if I want to lose weight faster, but to be honest, I hate cardio in the winter.
I live in the country with no sidewalks, so there is no place to safely walk/run in the snowy winter.  I have to resort to my treadmill and stationary bike to get my cardio. 

Enjoying an outdoor run

I don't enjoy having to force myself to go hit the treadmill, but I have made myself get on the treadmill for at least a mile a night and generally once I get going, I keep going. 
So I'll keep trying to hit my cardio groove and keep hoping for an early spring :)

Lovin' my deadlifts