Sunday, April 7, 2013

Countdown is on....only 21 days until race day!

 I can't believe that it is coming so fast!! My first 5k road race is only 21 days way - yikes!!!  
The weather hasn't been cooperating for most of my training, and I've had to do most of it inside on the "dreadmill" which I don't like.  For the past week, there have been a few more days where I can get out and do some training outside :)  Yay!

My workout partner today, Lola.  She had fun, but did try to trip me a couple of times :(

today's workout (5k +)

I can't run the full distance yet, but I can run 1km, then I alternate running and walking until I have gone the full 5k.  I am hoping that I will get a little faster or build a little more endurance and be able to run the whole distance - even if it is very slow.  

Any suggestions on how to increase my endurance??

Wish me luck :) and good weather.