Friday, August 16, 2013

Simple Hydration Water Bottle Review & Fitness Friday Link Up

I was excited to receive a package containing a Simple Hydration bottle.  I am by nature a thirsty person, and always have a water bottle with me at my desk, at the gym, in my car, basically where ever I am. When I started running early this year, I found it hard to run without water, but I found it equally annoying to run and hold on to a bulky bottle.   

Then I found the Simple Hydration bottle.  It seemed like such a great idea!  It's easy to hold in your hand if you want to run and drink, or even to hold onto while running.  It is also great because you can tuck it into the waistband of your pants and it stays there while you run!  How awesome is that?!

The design is perfect to hold or slip in the back of your pants

I was lucky enough to receive a bottle from Simple Hydration to try out for myself and do a review on.  I have tried it on  a few runs, and my daughter has used it while horseback riding.  This bottle is great! 

These bottles are not just for runners!! They are great when out horseback riding too!!

I found that the bottle does stay in place best when I use it with pants that I can tie up the drawstring tight, or when I use a pouch for my phone, I tuck it into the band of that.  It works well, and you don't really notice it there when you are running.  It is simple, and it is amazing!  I am so glad that I discovered this bottle!
Be sure to check out their website and check out their Facebook page; Simple Hydration.

Simple Hydration bottles work best when slipped into a belt or
into the back of pants with the drawstring tight.

*Simple Hydration did not pay for this review, I was given a Simple Hydration bottle to review.  These are my personal opinions and experience with the product, I was not paid for this review.