Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Loving Running Again.

Now that spring has FINALLY arrived in my little corner of the world, I can really enjoy my runs again.  The treadmill was getting very very old and tired, and the lane behind my house was getting so very boring too.

But now that the nice weather and sunshine (where oh where have you been for the past few months Mr Sun??) are here, I have been enjoying my runs in the local conservation area.  There are lots of trails that my daughter and I walk and run on. 

I really feel like running on these gorgeous trails :)  Ok, I'd LOVE to ride my horse on these trails more, but that would be frowned upon, so I settle for running.  Watching everything bloom and awaken this spring is so beautiful and very de-stressing.  Each time I go, it's a little greener and more flowers have bloomed.

Running sessions are no longer a "chore", but enjoyable and even make me feel freer and less stressed.  I have come to love my running workouts again :) :)

The trilliums are all in flower this time of year and are gorgeous.