Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#RWRunStreak & Race Prep


My four legged running partner is really glad that her and I are taking part in Running World's Running Streak.  This means that she gets to go for longer daily runs - the highlight of her day (except for when she gets a "cookie" before bed each night).  All I have to say is "walk" or "run" and she is off to where we keep the leashes and she follows me all around the house until we leave.  We usually do at least a mile, often more, but depends on the weather.

 The hot and humid weather was making it hard to go outside for my 5k race training.  Not just because of the humidity, but because of the severe weather warnings - I don't want to be caught out in the middle of nowhere in a thunderstorm.  So, some days I had to resort to the treadmill, and poor Lola didn't get her long run.  The weather has cooled off and (knock on wood) the rain has stopped too.
My 3rd 5k race is this weekend, and I haven't been training as much as I would have liked. :(  I am still hoping that I will beat my time from my last race, even if it is just by a few seconds.
I have no other races planned after this one - I am not used to running in the heat, so I may hold off on signing up for races until the fall.

I will post on Monday or Tuesday about my race.  Wish me luck :)