Friday, August 16, 2013

Training Run

Workout Wednesday Link-Up

I have discovered something during my training runs.  As much as I enjoy running and training with my daughter, I get a better workout and run farther and faster when I run on my own.  
I recently had to do a week of solo runs, and when I compared my times (I am a geek and love recording all of that kind of stuff :) ), I found out I improved when it was just me and the trail.   So I guess now most of my training runs will be solo (or me and my dog Lola).  I am glad that my daughter isn't offended.  She is young enough that she doesn't need to train as much for races as her "old" mother does. 

We have fun when we run together, and stop for pics

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  1. That is a beautiful place to run! Good luck training!

  2. Whereabouts is it, Lori? (and how nice that you have to hop a tree...!)

    1. Brian, it's at the conservation area in Strathroy. Beautiful place.