Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What I See When I Run

There are some pretty amazing sights to see when you run.  Often times we are too busy in our regular lives to even notice the scenery, but when running, you  notice more.  I am glad I have my phone with me to capture some of the beauty.

The moon still up and shining through the morning fog as the sun is rising (behind me)

One of my horses, Jet, coming to see why I am up so early.

Gorgeous sunrise through the trees

Dragonflies - they were dive-bombing me :)

The were right on the trail infront of me and put on a little "show" of opening and closing their wings. 

Beautiful trails

Wild flowers and wheat fields

Acres and acres of wheat

I love to run these trails where we often meet up with chipmunks, squirrels, birds and yes, snakes
I hate snakes and will scream when I see one!

The river is so beautiful

The sunrise over my barn - beautiful, peaceful morning scene

Gorgeous butterfly

Lots of male Malard ducks having naps while.....

...the females look after the babies 

This is Lola on our way to a conservation area where we run.
She LOVES to go for car rides and runs :)