Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Night 5k Race Recap

My fourth race this year (my fourth race ever) was the Barking Frog Summer Night 5k.  I was looking forward to this evening race all summer, but as it got closer to the date, the summer heat and humidity kept climbing.  I am a new runner, and running in the heat is a struggle.

The heat and humidity made the run very very hard, and the thunderstorms
happened as I crossed the finish line.

So excited to use my "new" Garmin during the race.
I recently got a "new to me" Garmin just days before the race, and was excited to try it out during the race.
I love gadgets, and it's just one more toy to use when I track my runs :)

All ready to go!

The whole race was a struggle for me.  I was hot and sweating even before the race started - it was that hot and humid out.  I did a lot more walking during the race than I have ever done in a race, but I went with how I felt and figured it was better to finish the race on my own two feet than to be carried out on a stretcher (someone did leave via ambulance I was told later). 
As I was running the last half kilometer, I could hear the thunder booming behind me (good motivation to keep moving faster).  I was lucky that it started to rain only as I was coming up to the finish line (you can see rain drops in the pictures if you look closer enough).  Right after my finish ( I can say I was not last, I was slow, but not the slowest), the heavens opened up and there was a giant downpour and lightning.  My family and I had blocks to run to get to our car.  We made it safely, but totally drenched (which felt awesome after running in that heat).

Crossing the finish line.

My next race is in August, and it is the Colour Run.  I am so excited!!  I have never done a colour run (or anything like it), so I am not sure what to expect.  It should be fun, both of my daughters are doing the run with me - both the runner daughter and the non-runner daughter :) :)
I'll be sure to blog about it!!

The clouds opened up just as I was crossing the finish line.
Raindrops are actually visible in the picture.
My daughter crossing the finish line!