Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My First Color Run


My daughters and I recently did The Color Run, the "happiest 5k on the planet".   We had been looking forward to this race (my oldest daughter's first race) since we saw that it was coming to Canada.  

I thought it was going to be a large race, but I was surprised to find out there were 7000 people there!!  That's a lot of people in one small space!
We were lucky enough to be the second wave of runners to start the race.  I am not sure how many waves there were, but I think quite a few.

At the starting line

There were runners and walkers and even children.  Lots of people dressed up (seeing guys in tutus was pretty funny) and it was a very festive atmosphere.
It wasn't a timed race, so it was a more relaxed feeling.  We walked the race because my oldest daughter is not a runner, and we were there to get covered in colour, not to beat a time :)


BEFORE  and....


Some advice if you're thinking of running a colour run, put your phone or camera in a zip-up plastic bag.  You can still take pictures with it (although not as clear) and it will be protected from all of the dust. And there is a lot of dust, and it gets everywhere!! :)

Am I colourful enough?
We had a good time, and that is exactly what the colour run is all about.  If they come to our city next year, I think we'll be back for another run!! 

After the pink station and the blue station.

A very colourful finish line

My oldest daughter and I. She has asthma, so wore something over her nose
when we were being sprayed with colour

Two thumbs-up from my youngest

At the finish line everyone had a packet of coloured
powder and they were throwing it everywhere.

I was slightly dirty after. The green was
hard to get off

We were a tad colourful ;)
The colourful mess after the race