Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Slippery Run

We've had quite a bit of rain in my area recently, and a lot of flooding along rivers and creeks.  It's weather more suited to these ducks in the local conservation area where I run.  They were very happy when I went for a run there the other day.  They came up for food, but I didn't have any for them, so they soon lost interest in me.

All dogs must be on a leash, but the ducks are free to roam :)

This lady has no food, we're outta here!

The trees are starting to change colour already.

I quickly found out that running on trails that have recently been underwater may not have been a good idea.  While walking (at least I wasn't running at this point) down a slight hill, I was busy looking at the mud ahead of me, I slipped and couldn't recover - BOOM, down the hill on my butt I went!  At least there was no one but the wildlife to see me fall.
Not the nicest wet butt feeling :( 

I picked myself up, carefully walked through the mud that I was looking at when I fell, and continued on my run until I came to where a bridge was and only saw about 1/3 of the bridge.   It seems the flood had washed out some of the bridges and boardwalks on the trails.  There was no way around, so I had to turn around and go back the way I came, back to where I fell, but this time I would have to go back up the muddy hill.  Luckily I was a little more prepared and I was able to navigate the mud without mishap.

The rest of my run was without mishap, and I was able to have a good laugh at myself.  I just hope that the trails dry up soon and the can repair the bridges that are out.  The trails are so beautiful this time of year, I love running there!
The flood washed out some of the bridges/boardwalks on the trails.

Another section of the trail that had its bridge washed away.

I saw this cute little guy on my run