Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Chase #4 & A Giveaway!!

This is my fourth Weekly Chase!  Sometimes when I start things, I am not so good at keeping up with them, but this is working out well :)
The Weekly Chase

Let's recap my goals for last week:

Goal #1:  Of course once again I'll try to keep to my eating plan 100%.
I was good, but not 100%.  I'll keep trying.  

Goal #2: I still want to run at least 10 miles this week.  It's supposed to be rainy this week, so I will likely be stuck running on the treadmill, so it will be harder to get to 10 miles this week.
It didn't rain much, so I got out on the trails almost every day and I ran 13 miles this past week. Yay! It was beautiful fall running weather, and I had a great time running on the trails and enjoying the scenery.

Goal#3:  I will try to get to bed before 11pm each night!!  
I did pretty good on this one :)

Goal#4:  To take my "greens" drink daily.  I use Fighter Diet Greens, which are the only ones that taste good in my opinion, but I seem to "forget" to take it.  
I didn't drink it every day, but about 5 days out of the 7 so not so bad.

Now my goals for this week:

Goal #1: Once again, I will try to keep to my eating plan 100%.  I said try ;)

Goal #2: I will stretch daily, and use my foam roller after every run!!  I must do this to help with my hip pain.

Goal #3: I will do my exercises for my plantar fasciitis every day.  I always start out well, but end only doing them a couple times a week.  I want this PF to heal, so I better try harder!!

Goal #4: This isn't fitness related, but I will get caught up on my business paperwork!!  I am behind, and I keep putting it off - I am a great procrastinator.  I will procrastinate no longer!  

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