Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekly Chase #6 & Born Raw Clothing WINNER!!!

Last week's goals were:

Goal#1: I'm still aiming to stick to my eating plan
I was better this week, and this will be my goal for this coming week (and many, many more).
Goal#2: I need to start a training plan for some of my runs, not just go out and run/walk whenever for every run. I need to work on running farther and faster.

I started with a training plan, and then got busy :(  I need to re-start from scratch.

Goal#3: Now that the weather is cooler and rainier, I need to push myself to get out and run.  I will aim to run at least 3x this coming week.

I only ran 2x this past week.  It was quite rainy, and ran outside when I could, but didn't use the treadmill on the rainy days.  I will need to learn to.

Goal#4: A big one:  get more organized with everything, and not put it all off until later.  I used to be, but recently I have been procrastinating with everything. Grrr!  This week I will get caught up and start to keep more organized.

I am not completely caught up, but I got the paperwork finished that had a deadline.  

My goals for this coming week are:

Goal #1  Once again, I will aim for running 3x  this week.

Goal #2  I promise to get on my treadmill at least once this week to get used to the old beast.

Goal #3  I will get started again on a running plan and stick to it!!

Goal #4  This isn't fitness related, but another goal is to clean out my van before winter.  It's amazing how much stuff accumulates in your vehicles. 

And the Winner Is......

Now what you've all been waiting for, the winner of the white racerback tank top from Born Raw Gym Clothing!

And, the winner is......  Lisa from  Congratulations Lisa!!!  Please contact me with your full name and mailing address and size of tank top you'd like, and I'll pass the information on to Born Raw and they'll send out your shirt to you!!  :)