Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Fell Off the Wagon - Hard!

We've all been there - that momentary slip up on the diet part, or missing a few days of exercise.  I know I have, but I get up shake myself off and get right back at it - and try not to beat myself up about it.  

 Well, I haven't just fallen off the wagon, I fell off HARD.  I have no motivation and I just can't make myself get back on.  Stress has been a huge factor in my "fall" and I still have a lot of stress.   I know that exercise helps relieve stress and I NEED to get back at it - I know this.  Now I just need a swift kick to get me back on track!  

Having recently started a second business (yeah, I'm crazy), I am super-busy but I CAN make time to workout.  They key is to organize myself .

So, I am now officially back on track and I have all of you to remind me that I CAN do it!!

Thank you!