Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I'm A Forest City Road Races Ambassador

I am so excited!  My absolute favourite race is the Forest City Road Race, and I've been chosen as an ambassador for the 2015 race!    It's my favourite race for many reasons (see the blog post links below for my posts after each of my #FCRR 5k races), but it is, in my opinion, one of the best organized and friendliest races to run.  It is for people of all abilities and everyone is cheered along the course by the volunteers and staff.  

Read my recap of my experience of the 2014 FCRR (and how we missed the start!)

This is my recap of my first FCRR (2013) & the reasons why it is SO special to me.


Keep watching here for posts about my training for the 2015 race - I need to really get at it because I've been off for an injury!  

I'll also be posting about the running analysis I am having done (this should be interesting to find out what I am doing right and wrong).

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My daughter & I running the FCRR in 2014