Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fighter Diet Contest - Very Late Update

If you saw my previous post, I've been a little lost and not posting as often as I had hoped (in fact I was MIA for months - so very sorry).    I did complete the Fighter Diet Transformation Challenge and I had lost a total of 25.5lbs!! 

Final Fighter Diet Pictures

Before & After Pics

I am still following Fighter Diet (meals and workouts - Pauline has some awesome monthly workout plans in her FD Dungeon  I am down a few more pounds, but I need to tighten my diet a bit more to get off this plateau that I have hit.  It will come, I just have to be more patient and work harder!

I love my weight lifting workouts, but I need to add more cardio to help burn fat.  Living in rural Canada in the winter makes outside running challenging (and even dangerous at times), so I am stuck with my treadmill. I really don't like running on my treadmill, but it will have to do until spring gets here (but then with spring comes lots of mud!!).
Love my deadlifts!!

Iron is a girls' best friend!!
I promise to check in more often than I have been!  And keep you all updated with my workouts and weight loss journey. :)