Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meet My Online Personal Trainer

I've been telling you about how I won a free month of online training, from bodybuilder, Karen Nolan-Evans .  I am almost finished my first week following her training plan and diet, and I am loving it!
Now I am going to introduce you to her :)
Karen is a bodybuilder that knows what she is talking about. .  In the past two years she has transformed her own body and has gone from no muscle to totally ripped!!  (I know that I will never look as good as Karen, but if anyone can get me in better shape, she can.)

Karen has just won Miss Physique at the BNBF Welsh Championships, and is back training hard to be ready to step on stage in September for the British Nationals.  She has a strong work ethic and I know she will be working hard to be her best for the next competition!
If you'd like to follow her competition prep, and see pictures from her competitions, follow her fan page on Facebook, Karen Nolan-Evans Bodybuilder.  She even has some astonishing "before and after" pictures of herself that you will have to see to believe.

Karen winning BNBF Welsh Championships, Miss Physique.
These are Karen's personal training plans (picture below), and her contact information is at the bottom of this post. If anyone is any interested, or has any questions about how Karen can help with their transformation, send her a message.
Karen's personal training plans

BNBF Miss Physique

Contact Karen by clicking HERE  (for people with Facebook)
Or email her at: