Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Online Trainer & Injury Update

I was lucky enough to win a month of online personal training from personal trainer and bodybuilder, Karen Nolan-Evans. Karen also just won  Miss Physique BNBF Wales 2013.  
I am excited for this opportunity, but also a little scared!!  Lol!  I have been working out on my own for over a year now, but with a personal trainer, I'll be monitored (and pushed if needed!) and be accountable - exactly what I need right now.  

If any of you are interested in trying out an online personal trainer, I urge you to send Karen a message on her Facebook page (click here) or email her at  

She offers many different options to meet your needs and goals:

I will keep everyone updated on my progress working with Karen, and post on my blog here and on my Facebook page My Journey to Getting Fit and Healthy.  Be sure to check back often, or better yet, sign up to follow my blog (the link is on the right hand side of this page).


My plantar faciitis, as I have mentioned in my last couple of blogs, is healing quite nicely.  I have been doing exercises, rolling a ball underneath my foot, new insoles in my running shoes, and of course, KT Tape. I did a run yesterday and I had no pain during or after. Even waking up this morning and walking on it, there was no pain.  Yay!
I had a fun run yesterday, my daughter rode the horse, and I ran and walked along beside.  We went down the road, through some fields, and through trails in a neighbour's woodlot.  It was a fun time (except for the deerflies that kept eating us).