Monday, October 7, 2013

The Weekly Chase #2

The Weekly Chase

This is my second weekly chase :)  Last week my goals were:

Goal #1 Run 10 miles this week   
I did fine here, I ran 14 miles this past week.  Yay!!

Goal #2: Keep to my eating plan 100%
Okay, I did slip up a couple times and ate some "less-than-healthy" items.  I will try to be better this week.

Goal #3: To stretch/foam roll after each workout
I stretched after every workout, but did only a couple of sessions with the foam roller.  

Goal #4: To try some flexibility exercises.
I totally bombed here, and didn't do any flexibility exercises :(  I will do better this week!!

This week's goals are:

Goal#1 Once again I want to run at least 10 miles, maybe aim for 15

Goal #2 Keep to my eating plan 100% (I'll try harder).

Goal #3 To try to do two sessions of flexibility exercises

Goal #4  To try a different exercise in my weight workouts. 

This week we had gorgeous fall running weather, and I took advantage of it and did as many runs outside as I could.  Soon all of my running will have to be indoors on the treadmill, and I am not looking forward to that :( 
The trails were still wet in some places, but as long as I was careful and slowed down, I was fine.  I really don't want to fall again - lol (see my previous post about my slippery run!).
I did have a run-in with a garter snake on the trail (and I HATE snakes!). I know garter snakes are small, but I don't like any type of snake.  I startled when I saw him between my feet, but I couldn't stop because I had forward momentum, but I did some incredible fancy footwork to avoid stepping on him.  If I had accidentally stepped on him, I would have screamed and screamed - YUK!  I am sure that he was trying hard not to be stepped on, and was probably as scared as I was!!  I hope that never happens again. 

Have any of you ever stepped on a snake on your runs? 

So pretty, and inviting to run.  I even tried a couple of new trails this past week.

The trails are gorgeous