Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I am sick of all of this rain!

After raining all weekend, I couldn't wait to get outside for a run on Monday.  The sun wasn't shining, and it was misting off and on, but it wasn't a downpour, so I ventured out.  I knew there would be puddles on the trails where I run, but I didn't figure there would be so many wash-outs on the main trails.  The lesser-used trails quite often have wash-outs, and two trails still have their bridges out from our last big rain/flood (see my Slippery Run post). I really didn't expect to see flooding (and new mini-rivers) in so many spots!!

I ran carefully on the wet leaves, I really didn't want to fall again, and ventured through the smaller puddles.  I wasn't happy about getting my new Asics wet, but they need to be broken in sometime.  
The first path I took wasn't too bad until I got to this:
The water is supposed to flow under the bridge, not infront of it, right??

Okay, that was too big to run through, and I wasn't jumping it, so I had to turn around.  The water doesn't look deep in the pic, but it would have been over my ankles and I just didn't feel like getting that wet.  I figured I'd turn around and take another path.  All was good, and I was enjoying my run until I came to this:

There is supposed to be a trail here....somewhere.
Well, now I was out of options because to get to the rest of the trails, I had to get past this point, and that water was not a small puddle.  I turned around again and headed back to my car.  I only got in a 3mile run,but it was better than nothing, and I am hoping in a few days the water will have receded enough that I can get through.    This fall has been so wet, that the river is always high, and any rain just causes flooding :/  Oh well, I'll just make the best of it, and hope for a drier October.  

The left is a before pic (last week), and on the right is the same area yesterday.