Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekly Chase #3 & Shubeez Winners!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Here in Canada, it was our Thanksgiving this past weekend.  We had gorgeous weather, and we made it out for walks in the local conservation area.

The Weekly Chase

This is my third weekly chase!
Last week my goals were:
Goal#1 Once again I want to run at least 10 miles, maybe aim for 15
I guess I was an over achiever last week, because I ran 20 miles!  I blame it on the gorgeous weather, I just couldn't stay inside :) 

Goal #2 Keep to my eating plan 100% (I'll try harder).
Well, with Thanksgiving this past weekend, I didn't stick to my diet 100%.  

Goal #3 To try to do two sessions of flexibility exercises
I didn't get two sessions in, but I will try again this week.

Goal #4  To try a different exercise in my weight workouts. 
I tried a new exercise with the cable machine- cable kickbacks - I really felt it in my legs the next day! 

My goals for this week are:

Goal #1:  Of course once again I'll try to keep to my eating plan 100%.

Goal #2: I still want to run at least 10 miles this week.  It's supposed to be rainy this week, so I will likely be stuck running on the treadmill, so it will be harder to get to 10 miles this week.

Goal#3:  I will try to get to bed before 11pm each night!!  

Goal#4:  To take my "greens" drink daily.  I use Fighter Diet Greens, which are the only ones that taste good in my opinion, but I seem to "forget" to take it.  


Now to the part you've been waiting for, the winners of the Shubeez!!

Congrats Hope and MaryLou Harris.  Please email me at envigeurfitness@yahoo.ca with your mailing address so I can get your Shubeez out to you!