Friday, January 9, 2015

Motion Geek Running Analysis Review

Last month I was asked by Motion Geek  if I would like an analysis of my running form.  Correct running form is important to increase speed and also to prevent injuries.  I was excited to give this a try because I know I have some bad habits with my running and I know I do have issues with my knees and hips.

Their video gait analysis helps to identify certain areas of your body that require improvement, and in their report the Motion Geek specialists give you exercises and advice on how to help correct the problems.

When you register on their site, you fill out a medical information form.  You give them your weight, height, running pace, goals, and medical problems and any pain you are currently experiencing, etc.
Then you have to video yourself running from two different views and also videos of yourself performing different functional movements for their analysis.  Don't worry, they provide very detailed instructions of what you need to do.  

Once you register, fill out the medical form and upload your videos, they are sent off to their physical therapists for analysis and you will relieve your report withing 2 to 3 business days.

When I relieved my very detailed report, I was very impressed with what they could tell me from just a few videos!  Some of my issues I already knew (I am knock-kneed), but some I was totally surprised by.    I found out that I have midfoot pronation and they suggested that I wear medial supportive shoes.  I also have weak hip abductors, and I need to stretch my hips, plus some other weaknesses that I have to address if I want to run faster and prevent injury.

The great thing is that they give you exercises and stretches to do with how many reps and how often.
Here are a couple of the exercises/stretches that they recommended for me in my 14 page detailed report.

Half kneel hip flexor stretch

Piriformis stretch
I have implemented the suggested exercises and stretches into my workout routine and am already feeling a difference.  I didn't realize how tight some of my hip muscles were until I started stretching them.  It's been great and I do notice a big difference!  Thanks Motion Geek! 

If you are a runner, I would suggest getting an analysis done by Motion Geek. You won't be sorry you did, and they even have a guarantee that you'll see results (see website for details and restrictions).  

I recieved a free anaylsis in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.