Thursday, July 12, 2012

Motivation Boards & Upcoming #Sweatpink Giveaway

Motivation Boards

  Do you sometimes need help keeping yourself motivated? Sometimes we all do.  You know those weeks when the scale hasn't budged, or you just crave hitting the drive-thru for a hamburger (my weakness is french fries and I swear they talk to me!!) instead of hitting the gym?  Those days when that little voice in your head tells you to go ahead and have that cookie, and the second and third cookie - why bother to workout?  Those are the times that we could all use an extra dose of motivation, and your own Motivation Board could help. 
  My personal board contains little quotes that help to keep me on track and get me to keep working out - even when I don't want to.  I put it where I can see it, so it is there to remind me what I am working for!! 

  Motivation boards are easy to make (use a piece of paper and paste on cut-outs from magazines or use a photo editing program to put together a collage of jpegs). As you can maybe tell, I always loved art class in school :)  
  They are most effective when they are placed where you will see them daily, and they can be updated whenever you find something new to add to it.  A great place to put it (or even a small one) is on the fridge, or on the "snack" cupboard where you will see it when you are tempted to snack.  
  Good luck and be creative!!

#SweatPink Upcoming Giveaway 

I received my #Sweatpink Ambassador swag in the mail yesterday, so stay tuned for a Sweat Pink shoelace give-away soon!!