Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sweat Pink Blog Hop & Heat Wave

Heat Wave

It's a hot one out there today (and has been for a while now), and I am having a little trouble getting motivated to do a workout.  Does anyone else have that trouble in the heat and humidity?  I'll eventually do a good workout, but it just seems so much harder to get moving than when it's cooler.  
Always be sure that you are drinking enough water to maintain your hydration during this heat, especially when you are working out.  I don't go anywhere without my bottles (that's right, I bring multiple bottles wherever I go) of water.

SweatPink Blog Hop

Get Fit Naturally is hosting a week-long #SweatPink blog hop.  Click the link below, and it will bring you to the web page.  There you can check out other blogs and even add your own.  What an awesome way to discover new blogs and spread the word about your own by adding the link  to your own blog.

Get Fit Blog Hop

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  1. Oh yes...the heat and humidity definitely affect me and working out! I just want to stay in the air conditioning lol! Just wanted to hop on your blog and share some sweatpink love! :-)

  2. Even though i try not to complain about the heat because i LOATHE cold weather - it has been tough this year! Thanks for joining the blog hop and sharing the pink love!

    1. Thanks! I don't enjoy winter either, but some of this heat is almost unbearable!