Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pole Fit Class - Trying Something New & Finding My Sexy Side

When you hear pole dancing, you likely think of dancers in clubs gyrating around a shiny pole.  That was me until a friend urged me to take a pole fit class with her.  I was reluctant because I had negative ideas about pole dancing and because I look nothing like what you'd expect someone who does dancing to look like.  I decided that I needed to try new forms of exercise, so I signed up for a beginner class with my friend.  First I did a Pole Fit class, which is an intense cardio/strength workout using the pole  (no spins or climbs).  Once I completed that class, I decided I liked it and felt confident enough to try a Pole Dance class (with spins and climbs).

Pole dancing, not the club dancing, takes a lot of strength!  It is a full body workout and is loads of fun.  I knew that I was weak in the upper body, but didn't realise how much until I tried some of the spins and climbs - it is harder than it looks!  And inverting on the pole - that takes a lot of strength!  (Inverts are something I haven't mastered yet).  I enjoyed the class, but I  was still self-conscious about my weight.  The classes aren't all about sexy moves, but being bigger, I felt out of place until for one class we had a replacement teacher who was not model-thin.  Her self-confidence was inspiring, and her strength as she showed us new moves was also inspiring. It gave me the confidence that I needed to keep trying.   

I was glad that I took the chance and tried the classes.  Pole is a great form of exercise, and I enjoy the challenge of new, harder moves.  Now to get the confidence to try a new exercise class like crossfit, or try a mud run.  Slowly, I'm working on my Fitness Bucket List!