Saturday, August 18, 2012

August Weekly Goals Update #2 and More Races!

As promised, here is my update for the past week - actually for the past 2 weeks 'cause I've been a tad busy with 2 jobs, kids, hubby, etc, etc.  But the important part, is that I have made time for exercising everyday!

training with my workout partner, Lola :)

-I am walking/running every day. No workouts of straight running yet, I am still taking it slowly. 

-I am keeping to "Sara's -Use it 2 Lose It" challenge.  The goal for August is to walk or run 36 miles (I had been doing a big ol' 0 before this challenge) and to log 120 minutes of strength training per week in August.
So far, I have walked/ran 19 miles in just the past week, and I have logged over 6 hours of strength training per week.


-I am still prepping for my virtual run on Labour Day hosted by
  PLUS, I have entered another virtual race, The Great Cupcake Race. The Cupcake Race is for Team In Training (for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society).  I guess I am enjoying these virtual runs!  

I have also committed myself to the Terry Fox Run for cancer research on September 16th.  I will be running in honour of my Mom who passed away from cancer this year, and of my Dad who passed away from cancer many years ago. 

Now for my last goal - do a plank a day.  So I haven't done a plank every day, but I have done more planks than when I last checked in (which was zero!).  I will try and improve for next check -in.