Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Simply Bar Challenge

This week I received 4 The Simply Bars in the mail as part of The Simply Bar Challenge.  I was sent 4 of their best-selling flavours; Caramel Peanut, Cinnamon Pecan, Lemon Coconut, and Peanut Butter Chocolate.  (They have other flavours too: Cocoa Raspberry & Cocoa Coffee).

They all looked so good!

Most of their bars only have 9 or 10 ingredients, and according to their webpage, "Each bar has 16g protein, more fiber than sugar, and 160 calories or less, with at least 4 grams of Fiber." 
A bar that has more fibre than sugar?  That is awesome!  And the bonus is they taste good!  They are not overly sweet and don't sit heavily in your stomach, so I found they are great after a workout.
I also found that they kept me feeling fuller longer than other protein bars I have tried. 
The bars are also dairy & gluten free, certified non GMO, vegan, kosher, a good source of iron, low glycemic and easy to digest.
Plus, they are a Canadian company, and I love to see Canadian companies making great products!

I chose the Lemon Coconut to try first

I am usually a big chocolate fan, but I must admit that my favourite one is the Lemon Coconut, with the Peanut Butter Chocolate being a close second, but all the flavours were good.  I know I will be buying some The Simply Bars for mid-day/post-workout snacks. :)

So yummy!  The Lemon Coconut is my fave.

For more information on all of their products (including protein chips), go to

I was not paid for this review, I was only given the bars as part of their Simply Bar Challenge.