Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Goals - weekly update

I am doing well with some of my goals that I set for myself for August, but with others I have not been as good.

First, the good.
- I am running more frequently, well more walking than running, but I want to take it slow and build back up into full running.  I really don't want to hurt my hip from going at it too fast like I did last year :( I really missed running when I couldn't.  I am glad I got my Mizuno running shoes!  They are awesome for running!!

-I am keeping to "Sara's -Use it 2 Lose It" challenge.  The goal for August is to walk or run 36 miles (I had been doing a big ol' 0 before this challenge) and to log 120 minutes of strength training per week in August.
So far, I have walked/ran 8.5 miles (27.5 miles left to go), and I have logged 4.5 hours of strength training last week.

-I am prepping for my virtual run on Labour Day by doing walk/run intervals and slowly adding longer periods of running and less of walking.  I'll get there! :)

Now for the bad.
-I am not doing a plank a day.  No excuses, I know planks are great exercises, but
It's that simple - I hate planks!  But, I promise I will try harder this week.