Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lunatik Athletiks Compression Socks Review

Recently I was lucky enough to have been sent a pair of Lunatik Athletiks compression socks to review.  I was really glad to find out that Lunatik Athletiks is also a Canadian company, and very happy to do a review for them.
I have heard of other runners using compression socks during and/or after runs, but I haven't had any other experience with them.  I was ready to give them a try.

I was so excited when they arrived, and they even sent me a cute
thank you card :)

When they arrived in the mail, I couldn't wait to go for a run and give them a try.
It has been so hot and humid, that I wasn't going to try running in them, but use them after my run to help my legs recover. I can't wait for fall so I can wear them on my runs and show them off!

These are the "Rockin' Dots" socks
After my run, I put them on and was surprised at how much pressure they do put on your legs - not painful, not uncomfortable, but you know that they are compression socks and not regular socks.  I put on the socks, and put my feet up, wow, it felt great!! 

Aren't they cute??

I have used them after most of my runs now, and don't know how I lived without them.  They feel great on my feet and legs, and I feel that they help my body recover from my runs.  I have a feeling that I will be ordering another pair or two, the hard part is choosing which ones I want.

Be sure to go over to their website and check out all of the different socks and running skirts that they have.  

Such a great feeling after a long run.