Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Workout Wednesday Link Up & My Battle with Hives

Unfortunately this week I haven't been able to workout at all since this past Friday.  Early Saturday morning, I woke up and felt incredibly itchy.  Not long after waking, hives started to erupt on my neck and arms, and I ran for the anti-histamines.  Even the drugs didn't stop or slow the progression of hives; soon I was totally covered in them.  It got so bad that I had my hubby take me to emerg on Sunday.  
The hives were incredibly bad until this morning, when they seem to have tapered off (fingers crossed).  I hope this is the end of them.  I am tired (from all of the Benadryl) and I just want to feel normal again and workout and go for a run!   I am hoping that by this Saturday I can go for a run.  Wish me luck!!