Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Weekly Chase #8

My goals from last week were:

Goal #1  Keep to my diet plan & track all my food in MFP
- I kept to my diet plan 100% and tracked everything into My Fitness Pal, and on Saturday I rewarded myself with a "cheat meal" :)  It was awesome!

Goal #2  Trying a new healthy and clean recipe
-I tried a couple new protein bar recipes (I will post later this week).  They are good!!

Goal #3  Run 3x this week and keep to my weights workouts (5x a week)
-I ran once, but worked out with weights and did other cardio 5x last week.
I am joining the #rwrunstreak from Runner's World, and pledging to run a mile a day from Thanksgiving (US) through to New Year's.  

Goal #4  Keep up with my blog posts!!!
-I am blogging, but not quite as much as I should.  Once I finish with my CE courses, I should have more time.

My goals for the coming week:

Goal #1  Finish my CE courses before the weekend!!!

Goal #2  Start and keep up with my #rwrunstreak (run one mile per day)

Goal #3 Keep up with my meal plan!!

Goal #4  Keep up with blogging.