Wednesday, May 21, 2014

VegaSport Energy Gel Review #FuelYourBetter

I was lucky enough through Fit Approach & Sweat Pink and Vega Sport, to be selected to test and review the Vega Sport Endurance Gel as part of their #FuelYourBetter campaign.  I've not used any gels during my runs before because I didn't really consider myself a runner and didn't think I ran enough miles to make it worthwhile.  But when the opportunity came to test these, I thought sure, why not?  Maybe I can run longer. 

I used my first Vega Sport Endurance Gel for an elliptical workout and I usually go for 60 min, but by 30 min I am ready to call it quits.  With the gel, I was 45 min in to my workout before I realized how much time had passed, and when it got to the 60 min point, I wasn't ready to stop - I had LOTS of energy left! 
 Yep, I was impressed!!
Next, I tried a trail run and I had the same feeling, I had lots of energy at the end of my run.  It's great! 
I also use the gels to fuel my intense weight training workouts.

I even love it for my weights workouts.

These gels taste great; are plant-based and not full of things you can't pronounce and don't upset my stomach.  I must admit that I don't have experience with other gels, but the most common complaint I hear about them is that they upset some people's stomachs.  I would recommend those people give Vega Sport Endurance Gels a try because I think they'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Vega Endurance Gel

The gels are now my go-to to fuel my better. 
 I recommend giving them a try so you too can #FuelYour Better. For more information on the gels and the other Vega Sport items, click here.

Preparing for my run

My 6k trail race fueled by #vegasport

Disclosure: I was provided with Vega Sport Energy Gel free of charge through a campaign through Fit Approach.  All opinions in this review are completely my own.