Friday, July 20, 2012

Mezamashii Run Project & New Shoes

I was excited this morning when a delivery truck dropped off a package for me. Inside the package were my new Mizuno Wave Enigma running shoes.  I eagerly opened the box and a brand new pair of vibrant purple and blue shoes were revealed. No more boring white runners for me! 

Last week I entered a contest on Mizuno Run Club Canada's Facebook Page to be part of the Mezamashii Run Project  and receive a new pair of Mizuno running shoes.  To my surprise, I was one of the 5 winners!! 

These are awesome shoes.  For starters, they look awesome (love the bright purple!), and they feel great.  They have lots of support and feel cushiony when walking and running.  I have bad knees, so I need good shoes when I run. I used Mizuno's  Precision Fit Online Shoe Finder to help me chose the correct shoe for my foot, stride, size, etc.  They ask quite a few questions and use that information to suggest the correct shoes for you.  I must say, I am impressed.  I wouldn't have had any idea which shoe to pick if I hadn't used the online shoe finder. 

I have been off from running for over a year (due to an injury), but have recently started to run again.  Compared to my old runners, Asics, the Mizunos are a lot nicer to run in!  I love, love, love them!


Mizuno has created the  Mezamashii Run Project  to help runners experience a more brilliant run.  In fact, mezamashii means brilliant in Japanese.  They are giving out tons of new shoes so runners can experience their own brilliant run.  If you want a chance to win your own, go to  Mezamashii Run Project  to enter.
Good luck! 

I am excited to be a part of the  Mezamashii Run Project  from  Mizuno Run Club Canada.

Aren't these the coolest looking shoes?  I love the colour, but even better, I love how they fit and how they feel when I run!  
Thank you Mizuno & Mezamashii Run Project!! These will help me on my journey to getting fit & healthy!