Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I am in Love with KT Tape!!

If you read yesterday's post, you will already know that I am suffering a flare-up of plantar faciitis.  A very, very painful flare-up.  During my lunch break yesterday, I went out and bought my first roll of KT Tape.  As you can see, I got hot pink :)  I want my tape to be pretty and girly - lol. 

I wasn't sure how much it would help, or if I'd even get it on right, but with the pain I was in, I was ready to give anything a shot.  I went on YouTube and checked out the great how-to videos from KT Tape.  

The pink is so pretty

I watched it twice, and then gave it a go.  Here is my taped foot.  I think I did quite well, and the video was easy to follow (thank you KT Tape).

 I was ready to show off my beautiful pink tape and super taping job, and can you believe it, no one noticed!!  So I had to make a point of showing my friends and co-workers.
Maybe I should have gotten the purple to match my shoes....hmmmm.   Next purchase will be purple...or bright blue...soooo many cute colours to choose from!!

Within just a couple of hours, I couldn't believe the difference in the pain - it was almost gone.  Yes, I was taking anti-inflammatories also, but I was before I applied the tape too.  The KT Tape made it bearable to walk.  I am so impressed!!!
When I woke up this morning, I had no pain when I got out of bed - yippee!!! Even sleeping with the tape on, plus a shower, it is still sticking strong.  I am so happy that I tried the tape!  I know that I need to do exercises for my plantar faciitis, and I need to get good support insoles, etc.  KT Tape doesn't "cure" it, but it sure helped with pain relief.

Day 2 and still staying in place

*KT Tape did not pay for this review, nor was I contacted to do this review.  These are my personal opinions and experience with the product.