Monday, July 8, 2013

Awesome Run & Plantar Faciitis

Our longest training run yet!!!

Even though it has been so hot and humid here, I have to get out and run in it to acclimatize myself (and my daughter) so we can continue with our summer races (yes, we have become addicted like so many of you predicted when I first announced that I was running a 5k!).
Yesterday started out breezy and cloudy when we left, my daughter, our Pug Lola, and myself.  Not long into our run the sun came out and seemed to just bake us.  The country side road that we took is wide-open farmland with few trees along the road, so there was no shade at all for relief.

We stopped on the sideroad overpass to watch the traffic

My daughter checking out the traffic - you get quite a dizzy feeling looking over the edge!

It soon became apparent that it was just a little too hot for poor Lola, so I called my older daughter to come with the car and take poor Lola home to cool off in the air conditioned house.  Lola was more than happy to hop in the car with her :)
Lola took a chance to cool off in a water puddle.

We made it to our turnaround point, but it was so hot that our walk breaks became longer and our running time became shorter.  I was having a good time (my daughter kept complaining though, lol) and enjoyed the long run/walk session.  I couldn't believe how wet my shirt was from the sweat, but that is good!!  Sweat doesn't scare me!

At our half-way point.

It got to the point it was just placing one foot infront of the other to make it home.

Nice calorie burn!!  Oh, and a "nice" sunburn to go with it.
I was very happy with the workout, and had a nice calorie burn. That always makes me happy :) :)
What didn't make me happy was the pain in my left foot that began not long after we got back.  I had a sneaking suspicion that it was my plantar faciitis flaring up - NOT good news, I have races coming up!!!  Aghhhhh!!

And a flare-up of my plantar faciitis.  My first try with KT tape.
I have purchased some KT tape, and following the company's how-to videos, have applied it to my foot.  Along with anti-inflammatory meds and exercises, I hope it heals.  I'll be sure to keep you updated on my training and the faciitis.   Keeping my fingers crossed!