Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lock Laces Review & Workout Wednesday Link Up

I was very excited when I was sent some Lock Laces to try out for this review.  I had seen them, but didn't know anyone who had any to find out what they were like.  

Running without having to double-knot my laces, or having to stop and re-tie them multiple times during a run?  Sounds too good to be true!!
My laces are always coming untied, especially during trail runs.  I can double-knot them, but I really don't like doing that, so I usually end up having to re-tie my laces multiple times during a run. When do the laces come untied, usually during the muddiest sections of my run.  Yuk!  Muddy laces!
Well, no more.  I have found Lock Laces, and I love them!!  I will never have to tie my laces again, and never trip over untied laces during a run!

Lock Laces are easy to put in your shoes, you just follow the instructions on the package, and cut the laces to the length you need for your shoes, put the end on the laces and you're done. No more tying laces :)

Almost done

Finished product

I am a clutzy person by nature - if there is a doorknob for my purse to get caught on, it will, if there is a way for my seatbelt to get caught in the car door, it will...that is just me.  So, when I tried the Lock Laces on the trails that I run on, I was worried that the loops would get caught in branches, etc., but nope, I've been running with the Lock Laces for a couple of weeks, and even with the way things reach out to get caught on me, they haven't snagged a thing.  I am so very happy!! 

Trail testing my pink Lock Laces

Workout Wednesday Link 

I was provided free samples by Lock Laces in exchange for a review. I was not monetarily compensated nor required to provide a positive feedback.  The opinions expressed in this post are completely my own.