Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekly Chase #5

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Well, it seems cooler weather is here, and I'm finding it just a tad harder to make myself leave the warm house and head out for a run.  Once I am out I'm fine, but it's to get my butt out there!!

Last week's goals were:

Goal #1: Once again, I will try to keep to my eating plan 100%.  I said try ;)
 Wasn't too bad, but I need to work a little harder at it!

Goal #2: I will stretch daily, and use my foam roller after every run!!  I must do this to help with my hip pain.
I stretched and foam rolled after every workout!  :) 

Goal #3: I will do my exercises for my plantar fasciitis every day.  I always start out well, but end only doing them a couple times a week.  I want this PF to heal, so I better try harder!!
I didn't manage to do them every day, but I did do stretches before getting out of bed so there was less pain when I first walked in the morning.  I need to keep this up.

Goal #4: This isn't fitness related, but I will get caught up on my business paperwork!!  I am behind, and I keep putting it off - I am a great procrastinator.  I will procrastinate no longer!
Still trying to get caught up.  It's not a fun job, and I can always find other things to do on the computer that are more fun :/

This week's goals:

Goal#1: I'm still aiming to stick to my eating plan

Goal#2: I need to start a training plan for some of my runs, not just go out and run/walk whenever for every run. I need to work on running farther and faster.

Goal#3: Now that the weather is cooler and rainier, I need to push myself to get out and run.  I will aim to run at least 3x this coming week.

Goal#4: A big one:  get more organized with everything, and not put it all off until later.  I used to be, but recently I have been procrastinating with everything. Grrr!  This week I will get caught up and start to keep more organized.

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Good luck!