Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter Running & An Upcoming Giveaway Announcement

I must admit that this winter, and here the snow came early, I haven't been running outside much, and the dreadmill just doesn't feel as good as a good outdoor run.
I have been very stressed and angry lately, and been daydreaming of my fall and summer runs through the conservation area, I miss them.  Today it was mild and sunny, so I took one of the dogs, Lola, out for a run.  It was muddy, and I only used the farm lane at home, but it felt so good to run outside again.  I felt so much stress leave as I was running - now I know what has been wrong for the past weeks; I need to run. I need to run outside in order to relieve my stress.

Today's run :)

Now that I know this, I will make more of an effort to try to get out.  It's hard when you live in the country, it's not safe to run on the side of the road, and the conservation area isn't really the best in the winter (it's either knee-deep in snow, or flooded if it has been milder).  The farm lane is boring, but it is all I have that is safe in the winter, so I will take it.  Until the days get longer, I will be limited to weekends or quick runs when I get home from work.  There are coyotes, etc. that run wild down this lane, and I don't feel safe running there if it's not during the daylight.
I feel better knowing that I *need* to do this, and that it works!!

COMING SOON.....A Giveaway!!

To celebrate my recent acceptance to becoming an ENERGYbits ambassador, I am holding a giveaway for a sample of ENERGYbits!! 
I will be holding the giveaway soon, so keep watching here for the post.  :)
If you just can't wait and want to order some right away, be sure to use the code "Journeytofit" to save 20% off your order.

Today's amazing run was #poweredbybits :)