Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Race of the Year

This past Sunday was my first race of this year.  It was a last-minute entry (and right after I signed up, I fell down the stairs at home - click here to read about that), but it was a date that worked for all 3 of us running.  The weather called for rain all day and warm temps, but luckily it didn't rain at all during the race.  It was quite warm at 21C, which we haven't been accustomed to (and yesterday and today it snowed and is below freezing - crazy spring weather this year). 

I was unable to run the whole thing because of my still-sprained toes, but I was able to run/walk the whole course. My best friend ran her first race with us that day, and I made sure that she wasn't stuck behind with me and urged her to go ahead an enjoy her race :)  She did and finished with a good time and a sense of accomplishment.  I think I have passed the running bug onto someone else now :)  

My youngest daughter and I post-race

My toes and leg are healing, and I am training for my next run in two weeks time.  It will just be my daughter and I running that one, but that one is a special one to us.  It is the same race that was our first race last year - so I guess it will be our one year "race-versary"???  Sounds like a reason to celebrate!

Myself, my best friend, and my daughter